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Making software creation cheap easy and timely.

Our Services

We use agile methodology to make softwares. Our expertise lies in creation of mobile, desktop, web and cloud apps. Safe and secure software is our priority. We follow next-genen approach to surpass clients' expectation and secure every complex need effectively.

Design, Development and Hosting Web Apps

We can do any part of design, development and hosting of web apps; from the creation of totally new web app to porting old to new sites. Creation and hosting of static and dynamic website, we can do it with ease. We provide creative, intuitive and amazing user experience design and development. We do following and more:

  • Graphic and web Design
  • Creation and Hosting of Static and Dynamic Websites
  • Web apps with complex Frontend and Backend
  • Develop with your choice of programming language

Mobile Application Development

TinyCodes can develop custom mobile apps for iOS and Android. Cross platform mobile apps can also be designed. We create apps with contemporary designs and secure backend. We ensure that our work processes deliver high-quality mobile apps as per your requirements.

  • Android
  • Ios
  • Swift
  • Objective C

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to a computational process which can be done on demand via a computer network, or a virtual online space without requiring advanced infrastructure.

Upgrade traditional business to cloud-based applications. SaaS & PaaS costs less and can get in action fast.

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Application services; Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Platform services; PaaS
  • Private Cloud


Our team of creative website developers, designers, testers and quality engineers help businesses to operate their day-to-day activities actively. The prime objective of the organization is to render the world-class solutions of information technology with full care and dedication. Our Team at Tiny Codes also provide services and supports on:

  • Digital and Social Media marketing
  • QA and software Testing
  • Machine learning
  • IT Consultations

Why TinyCodes

Tiny Codes believes in digital innovation. Our mission is to build world-beating applications. we are equipped and expertise on the production of scalable and robust solutions to optimize business performance for our clients.

Client Focus & Scalable resource

We go beyond technology and understand our client's business goals and ambitions. Tiny Codes adopts flexible and scalable resource model that allows to be flexible to adjust resources in accordance with current clients' demands.

Data Analytics

Our approach ensures that a highly qualified team of industry-certified technology specialists work with your data to unlock the value of your Big Data to better understand customer behavior.

Automated Software testing & QA

Eliminate harmful defects and imperfection. Our Quality Assurance (QA) Team offers a wide range of software testing services capable of meeting the strict business requirements by eliminating harmful defects and imperfections.

Expertise Team

Tiny Codes is a cross-functional group of experts who have relevant experience in software development and have worked on many different projects across a variety of industries.

Our Technology

We Apply Cutting-edge Technology to Deliver Enterprise-grade Solutions and Services

html and css


Tiny Codes believe in lightweight code, SEO optimization benefits and greater consistency design using HTML and CSS.



Developers at Tiny Codes play with code interactively using modern JavaScript. Babel transpiler and Webpack are used with ES6+.



Enjoy more freedom and less restriction, JavaScript on the front- and back-end, Node gives a pair of wings to our server code.



Tiny Codes use React to create interactive UIs. React can also render on the server using Node and Power mobile apps using React Native.



The world’s most popular mobile OS, Tiny Codes customize your digital life with android applications.



Tiny Codes builds sophisticated applications and AWS has the service to help us build with reliability.



The world’s most advance mobile operating System, Tiny Codes advance your digital life with IOS applications.



Tiny Codes expertise on other technologies from Laravel, WordPress, Jekyll and More.


Some of our happy clients explaining about their experience with Tiny Codes team. We are proud to provide them with successful software for business.

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